I’ve been caffeinating my plants

I mentioned reading this book of tips from the 17- and 1800s recently. One tip in the book was that houseplants love food. Apparently they are partial to shrimp:

“Do remember that house plants enjoy many human foods. Leftover fish, coffee grounds, water from boiled eggs, crushed eggshells, water from cooked foods, watered milk, all give plants a lift. The effects of shrimp is best of any plant reviver.”

Anyways, one day at work I thought, “Well, why not? It’s essentially composting. And these leftover tea leaves after I drink my tea …. well, it’s just plant matter, right?” (leaving aside the scary theories about what’s really in your tea bag…)

So I started tearing open my used tea bags and putting the dregs into my plant soil.

So far my plants seem fine. I’ve noticed that the tea leaves seem to help the plant soil retain more water so I don’t need to water as frequently, which is nice (used to be my mint plant could barely make it a night without wilting, now it can go the weekend). And I might be mistaken, but my mint plant seems healthier – there was some spotting last week that implied a soil deficiency, and there seems to be less spotting today.

I really am curious if my plant is technically …. caffeinated now. I mean, when I put some of those mint leaves into my water …. will I be getting caffeine? Must research.


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